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Dividing a Business in a St. Louis Divorce

There are many complicated aspects to any divorce. When you or your spouse own a business during your marriage, or you own a business together, this only adds to the complexities. Missouri law begins with the assumption that each partner in a divorce has an equal share of marital assets, and then it determines an equitable split based on factors in a marriage. Division of property laws could significantly affect your business after a divorce if you are unaware of how to protect it. The Importance of Marital vs. Separate Property It’s essential to first determine whether a business or


How Does Divorce Impact an Estate Plan?

A divorce is a complex and difficult process for any couple, bringing with it emotional and financial hardships. A divorce will also likely impact an estate plan. There are many legal and financial matters to take care of after divorce, and updating your estate plan to reflect the changes in your life is important. In Missouri, beneficiary designations to ex-spouses are automatically removed after divorce if the designation is in a revocable part of the estate plan. Because of this, some parts of your estate may no longer have any beneficiaries after divorce and could end up in probate court.


Missouri Laws for Protective Orders

A Missouri protective order is created to protect a victim from violence, threats of violence, stalking, and dangerous behavior. Protective orders are commonly made where there is domestic violence or danger from a close family member. A protective order can apply to the victim who files it and their family members, such as their children. If you feel like you’re in danger from a family member or other close person, you can file a protective order against them. If the order is violated, you can press criminal charges against them. Who Can Apply for Protective Orders? The following people can


How Is Property Divided After a Missouri Divorce?

Divorce proceedings are never easy, and negotiating property division can be an aggravating and lengthy process. Ideally, these proceedings are amicable and as fair to both parties as possible. However, in some situations, one or both spouses believe they may be entitled to more assets than the other. This can become contentious and take your divorce from negotiation to litigation. When a judge determines the division of property during litigation, you lose control over the results. It’s essential to understand how property is divided in Missouri. Marital vs. Non-Marital Property Property, or assets, owned by a couple include real estate,


Understanding Child Support in St. Louis

Our society is organized to support a nuclear family. If you and your loved ones do not operate this way, or you are going through a divorce, it can be difficult to navigate the co-parenting process. It is common to encounter challenges, roadblocks, and questions along the way. The law requires both of a child’s parents to contribute equally to their upbringing in some way. However, just as there are many ways to organize your family, there are several ways to contribute to a child’s upbringing. Child support is one of them. Unfortunately, many people misunderstand child support, or they


Navigating the Child Support System: A Guide for Single Parents

Being a single parent can be one of the most demanding roles a person can undertake. They must balance work and home life while providing emotional and financial support for their child. It is understandable why many single parents find it challenging to make ends meet. Among the many obstacles that single parents face, navigating the child support system can be especially daunting. Not only is it a complex legal process that can involve multiple parties, but it can also be emotionally taxing and overwhelming. Child support is a vital source of income for many single-parent households. It can significantly


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