Tips to help co-parents solve their worst conflicts

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, January 3, 2020.

Conflicts between co-parents in Missouri are bound to arise at one point or another. However, when both parents focus on the big picture and work to do what is best for their kids, they can more easily resolve conflicts in their co-parenting relationship. Here are some tips that have helped co-parents successfully meet common challenges.

It’s common for co-parents to argue about parenting time. However, both parties must remember that the plan should allow each parent to spend a reasonable amount of time with the children after the divorce. Attending school and engaging in after-school activities is not really parenting time. It is good to create a written parenting plan and make sure that it’s updated on a regular basis.

Some co-parents have the idea that child support is something that’s decided on once and never needs to be brought up again. However, it will likely need to be discussed many times as additional expenses arise and as changes in the children’s lives require more money to be spent. Also, each co-parent may experience adjustments in their income, which could impact how much child support is paid or received.

Discipline can be a touchy subject with some co-parents. It’s not uncommon for some to feel that the other parent is too hard or too lenient. While this may be true, each ex is allowed to have their own parenting style. Working to improve communication can help co-parents get on the same page to raise children to become responsible adults.

If a co-parent feels that conflicts with the ex cannot be solved on their own, they may want to discuss the situation with a family law attorney. An attorney could answer questions about a variety of family law matters, including child support, parenting plans and child custody.

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