Understanding different kinds of domestic violence

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Domestic Violence on Thursday, November 7, 2019.

Domestic violence and abuse can tear apart Missouri families. There are multiple types of domestic abuse, and survivors may need help and assistance to recover from all of these forms. Of course, physical abuse is the best-known type of abuse and the most widely recognized. However, emotional, sexual, financial and psychological abuse can be devastating to a relationship as well as the mental health of the victim. The abuse itself can create a situation in which it is difficult for the victim to leave the relationship. After leaving, the victim may be at risk of further violence.

Physical abuse can include hitting, shoving, punching or choking. It can also include forced use of drugs or interference with medication. Some people may dismiss certain types of physical abuse because they did not cause severe injuries to the victim. They may justify staying in the relationship if they were shoved or slapped a few times. Still, these incidents are a form of violence that is a mark of an abusive relationship.

Sexual abuse is also another common problem in an abusive or violent relationship. Of course, sexual assault and rape are also forms of physical abuse, but the feelings of violation can be intensified due to the intimate nature of the attacks. In many cases, abusive relationships may involve sexual coercion rather than physical force. Reproductive coercion, in which one partner sabotages the other’s birth control or attempts to force a pregnancy into the relationship, is another serious form of sexual and physical abuse.

People leaving an abusive relationship may be afraid to move forward. They may be afraid that their abusive spouse will receive custody of the children or may escalate the violence. A family law attorney may help abuse victims to seek protection orders and extract themselves from a dangerous relationship.

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