Working through the difficulties of divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Thursday, September 26, 2019.

Most Missouri couples don’t plan to get a divorce. However, almost half of all first marriages come to an end, and the ensuing period can be challenging emotionally, practically and financially. Divorce can be difficult even for spouses unhappy in their marriages over a long period of time or for those who have reached a largely amicable resolution. Many people may experience depression and other health concerns in the period surrounding their divorce. They may withdraw from family and friends and pick up unhealthy habits.

However, there are ways that people going through a divorce can take action to protect themselves and support their own resilience and recovery. One of the most important things for many people is to turn to family and friends for support. They are willing to listen to concerns and always cheer for people going through a hard time. Some people might also want to seek professional support by going to a therapist. A therapist can listen with a professional ear and help people to work through challenging emotions and intimate concerns. In some cases, people may not feel comfortable sharing everything with a friend, and a therapist’s office can be a safer space.

Estranged spouses can also benefit from taking time for self-care. This can have different meanings for different people. Some people might benefit from going to the gym or joining a sports team. Others may want to take a class, visit a museum or join a gaming group. In any case, meeting new friends and exploring personal interests can help speed recovery.

Of course, the end of a marriage can also come with practical concerns like dividing assets and preparing for co-parenting. A family law attorney can work with a client to seek a fair settlement on these and other issues.

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