Pro baseball player and wife headed for high asset divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, May 24, 2019.

Divorce in Chicago is a difficult process, but it can be more complicated when it is a high asset divorce and involves two prominent people. Regardless of the financial circumstances and if the case is a topic in the media, it is always important for the spouses to have legal assistance with their case. A recent divorce filing between a professional baseball player and his professional singer wife is an example of the complex nature of these situations.

Chicago Cubs player Ben Zobrist and his wife Julianna have made separate court filings related to their marriage. She filed for divorce in Cook County; he filed to legally separate in Tennessee. Mr. Zobrist took a leave of absence from the team. Mrs. Zobrist has been a vocal performer at several venues including the 2016 World Series and prior to regular season ballgames.

Their marriage has lasted 14 years and they have three children. Public examination of Mrs. Zobrist’s social media indicated that she cleared images from Instagram that showed her and her husband. She no longer has a Twitter account. For Mr. Zobrist’s part, he lodged an accusation that his wife took part in inappropriate marital conduct.

All divorces will have a variety of family law concerns to navigate. From alimony to child support to child custody, it can be a worrisome time. If it is a couple with substantial assets as is the case with Mr. and Mrs. Zobrist, the case can linger and take an extended amount of time to conclude. Since both parties have filed their cases in different locations, it is even harder. Whether there is a negotiated settlement or the court decides on the outcome, having legal assistance from a firm experienced in high asset family law matters may be helpful.

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