Military members face certain divorce stressors

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Military Divorce on Thursday, February 28, 2019.

People in Missouri who have high-stress jobs may be more vulnerable to divorce than people with lower-stress jobs, and military members may be particularly at risk. The career website Zippia examined U.S. census data and found that people who worked at certain professions had a higher risk of getting a divorce by the age of 30. First-line enlisted military supervisors were in first place, with a 30 percent higher rate of divorce, followed by logisticians and automotive service technicians.

Military jobs were in 3 of the top 10 spots. Furthermore, all military workers tended to have a higher rate of divorce by the time they reached 30. Among the stressors for people in the military are long deployments that take them away from their families, low pay and life-threatening situations. Another study, which appeared in the “Journal of Population Economics,” found a spike in divorce rates linked to couples who spent time apart.

Deployments can lead to mental health issues that strain marriages as well. Experts report that one in five veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have struggled with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Frequent moving and marriage at a young age are additional factors that strain military couples.

Overall, divorce is on the decline although it is rising among baby boomers. Dentists, speech language pathologists and religious workers were among those who had the lowest divorce rates.

A military divorce has certain elements that are different from other types of divorce. For example, when negotiating child custody, parents may need to take the possibility of deployment into account. Spouses who are not military members may have questions about what benefits they are entitled to. There may be certain regulations regarding property division in military divorce and more. An attorney may be able to assist military spouses in dealing with these and other issues.

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