Prenuptial agreements serve many purposes

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

For Missouri couples about to get married, a prenuptial agreement can be a powerful tool. However, it can be used as a financial planning tool as much as to account for what happens in the event of a divorce. Such an agreement can be helpful for any couple regardless of how old each party is or how much wealth they may have.

In addition to determining how to split assets, it can also determine how to account for debt either person brings into the relationship. As individuals get married later in life, it isn’t uncommon for them to owe money to creditors prior to getting married. On average, a woman gets married for the first time at age 27 while a man gets married for the first time at age 30. During prenuptial discussions, couples should consider their current and long-term goals such as how to fund a child’s college education.

A prenuptial agreement should be seen as a method that allows two people to determine how they want to live as a unified couple. Ideally, the agreement will be flexible to account for the fact that priorities change over time. By taking the time to talk now, it could reduce long-term tension and conflict in a relationship.

The use of a prenuptial agreement may make it easier to define the parameters of a marriage as well as a potential divorce. It may specify how assets and debts are divided in the event that a marriage ends. It could also determine what happens to debt or property that is brought into a marriage. Each party should have their separate family law attorneys review it before it is signed.

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