Steps parents can take to win back child custody

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

Missouri parents might lose custody of their children if a judge decides it is not in the best interests of the children to remain with one or both parents. The child may go to live with relatives, a foster family or the other parent. However, it might be possible for the parent to regain custody.

The first step is to understand the reasoning behind the judge’s decision. The parent may have been unfairly accused of abuse or neglect or may have been in violation of a court order. The judge may have ordered the parent to take certain actions before regaining custody such as attending a rehabilitation program for substance abuse. The parent should comply with these requirements rather than trying to argue against them in court. The parent may also want to hire an attorney.

Getting a home assessment so the court has current information may help. Parents should follow all rules of the court including showing up to scheduled meetings. They may have visitation with the children, and if so, they should be on time for all pickups and drop-offs and be pleasant and cooperative with the other parent. They may also want to consider whether a compromise would be acceptable. For example, instead of seeking sole custody, the parent may want to ask for shared custody.

How the person behaves in family court may also help sway the judge’s opinion. Parents who want to regain custody must be prepared to put aside animosity toward the other parent and show a willingness to work with them in co-parenting. They should dress professionally for any court appearances and be able to demonstrate that they are actives in the lives of their children. This could include attending the child’s extracurricular activities and knowing the names of the child’s teachers and doctor.

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