Co-parenting success is a worthy goal for splitting couples

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, September 14, 2018.

The most common concern for Missouri parents going through divorce is the well-being of their children and making sure they are able to maintain and nurture a relationship with them after separation. Fortunately, there are helpful methods to create a successful co-parenting relationship. It requires cooperation and the setting aside of egos, but there are countless examples of healthy co-parenting to which one may look for inspiration.

The most common theme running through stories of good co-parenting is the commitment from each parent to put the children first. There is usually a certain level of acrimony when couples divorce. Allowing the hard feelings to bleed into parenting relationships can be toxic for children, who need both parents to prosper. Adopting a strict policy of no disparagement of the other parent in the presence of children is recommended. Parents should also refrain from involving children in their disputes, even if the kids are central to whatever disagreement exists between parents. Paramount to healthy co-parenting is a conscious encouragement and nurturing of the child’s relationship with the other parent.

Although divorce courts almost universally require a written parenting plan, some parents never marry and therefore don’t organically come under judicial oversight. In these situations, a detailed written parenting plan is still recommended in order to clarify rights and responsibilities of each parent. Seeking counseling or using family law authorities such as mediators or attorneys to craft an agreement is not required, but their professional insights may be very beneficial to parents.

Every family unit is unique, and working toward co-parenting requires crafting individual solutions that work best for all concerned. Consulting an attorney qualified in handling family law matters may provide parents with valuable insight and guidance as they work toward the goal of a healthy and prosperous co-parenting relationship.

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