Many different types of child support cases exist

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, August 3, 2018.

Parents in Missouri who have to deal with child support payments may sometimes get confused about the issue. In fact, there are multiple kinds of child support cases. Therefore, parents should understand the importance of knowing what type of case they have.

Child support cases that are designated as IV-D are cases in which the custodial parents receive help from the Office of Child Support Enforcement to determine paternity, locate the non-custodial parents or create and implement child support orders. In IV-A cases, the public assistance the custodial parents receive is from the state, which will bring the cases to the attention of the Office of Child Support Enforcement to try to obtain payments from the non-custodial parent directly in order to reduce costs. In IV-E cases, which are also referred to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, the children are under the care of someone other than their parents. Non-IV-D cases are those in which child support is handled privately.

Child support is an essential factor in making sure that children have what they need to grow up happy. Even though the fact that there are multiple types of child support may seem disconcerting, they are necessary in order for the government to be aware of which families and children need the financial assistance. In some cases, when the family situation changes, the type of child support that is needed also changes.

A family law attorney may help a parent resolve disputes regarding child support. The attorney could engage in litigation to ensure that the rights of a client are protected. Negotiation tactics may be used to obtain the desired settlement terms.

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