Designing a plan to raise children after divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

Missouri parents who are getting divorced need to come up with a plan for raising their children based on custody and visitation agreements. While designing such a plan can have its challenges, there are some factors to consider that might help parents through the process.

To begin with, parents should imagine how their kids feel about the changes. Children will gain some things and lose others due to this new reality. With this in mind, parents can then figure out the logistics of life post-divorce — where each parent will live, where the kids will go to school and how transportation will work. As part of this, parents must also consider their children’s schedules at school and extra-curricular activities. If the children are old enough, parents might consider including them in this decision-making process. If any of the children have special needs, the plan needs to consider what the best environment is for the child and their needs.

There are also some factors that parents should not forget during this process. Designing a parenting plan should not be about the parents and their convenience. It should not be about getting back at an ex for issues in the relationship. There is a level of trust that must be exercised, particularly as adults have different parenting styles. Unfortunately, some parents simply cannot agree on family law matters. They might have to head to court and allow a judge to set the plan for them.

Family law is complex and delicate. A parent who is in the process of dealing with custody issues might seek the assistance of a lawyer.

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