Why older people are ending their marriages

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

A gray divorce is one that occurs when a person is 50 or older. The rate of gray divorce in St. Louis and throughout the country is increasing even as divorce rates among other age groups is stabilizing. However, there are many different reasons that could explain this phenomenon. First, the number of people who are 50 and older is larger now than it was in 1990, and that number is projected to grow in the future.

A woman’s life expectancy has increased since 1950 from 71.1 to 81.1 years. For men, their life expectancy has increased from 65.6 years to 76.1 years, and this has also increased the chances of divorcing later in life. However, there are also more typical reasons why older couples get divorced. For instance, one woman found a receipt for a fantasy suite at a hotel that she had not stayed at. She knew the marriage was over at that point.

Another man couldn’t get his wife to control her spending habits and realized that she wasn’t interested in working as much. Their differing financial philosophies eventually resulted in his marriage coming to an end. For both men and women, their partner’s mental health issues were also a driving force as to why they decided to get a divorce.

It may be easier to resolve family law issues with the help of an attorney. Counsel may be able to gather financial documents or other evidence that may provide an individual with leverage during settlement talks. An attorney may also advise an individual to not discuss the case while it is ongoing whether those comments are made on social media or in person.

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