Child custody tips for fathers

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, March 9, 2018.

Fathers in Missouri who are seeking custody of their children may feel that they are at a disadvantage. Traditionally, child custody is awarded to mothers. However, there are steps a father can take to increase the likelihood that he will be awarded custody.

First, a father should document as much as possible. He should keep a log of all the time he spends with his child even if the child is living with the mother during the divorce. Furthermore, a father should write down whatever he spends on the child. He should also be prepared to answer any questions a judge has about his relationship with the child and demonstrate the strength of that relationship.

Since judges will be taking various factors into account, it’s important for the father to avoid doing things that will cause the court to look upon him unfavorably. He should not criticize his wife to others, engage in confrontations, take the children away for long periods of time or move in with a new partner. The father may be convinced that he’s the best parent for the child, but the family court may not agree if he lashes out in any way. Ultimately, it’s best to remember that the well-being of the child is what’s most important.

In most cases, children benefit from spending time with both parents. However, there are extreme situations of abuse and neglect in which one parent may want to obtain sole custody. An attorney could advise a parent on additional strategies for getting custody.

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