People of all economic levels may be domestic violence victims

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Domestic Violence on Monday, September 18, 2017.

Some Missourians have the misconception that domestic violence only happens to people in lower socioeconomic levels. This is not true. It happens to people no matter how much or how little money that they might have.

A recent murder-suicide case that happened in Springfield illustrates that domestic violence happens at all income levels. In the case, a 66-year-old affluent man shot his 27-year-old girlfriend in the head before shooting himself. The murder-suicide happened inside the man’s 4,800-square foot home that overlooked a golf course. The home was located in an upscale gated community and shocked the city.

The director of the Harmony House, which is a domestic violence shelter and outreach program in Springfield, said that she wasn’t surprised that domestic violence happened in the situation. She said that domestic violence often occurs with professionals such as lawyers and doctors. The victims may believe that because of their partners’ professions, they will not be believed. Some are also reticent to go to shelters because of the cramped quarters. Victims who are professionals may be afraid to speak out because of the social pressures that they face to be perfect in their family and professional lives.

People who are the victims of domestic violence should seek help. The violence can escalate and turn deadly. Victims may want to talk to experienced family law attorneys about what is happening to them. The attorneys may connect their clients with resources that can help them to get free from their abusive partners. The attorneys may also help their clients to obtain orders of protection so that the abusers are ordered to stay away from them. No one deserves to be abused, and there are resources that are available to help the victims.

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