Divorce arbitration as an alternative to litigation

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Thursday, August 24, 2017.

When many Missouri couples think about divorce, they often think about handling it through litigation. This can be an expensive and difficult way to end a marriage due to the fact that it pits former couples against each other when arguing their views on property division and other divorce legal issues in front of a judge. However, there are alternatives, such as divorce arbitration.

Divorce arbitration is similar to litigation in that it is still structured and usually involves family law attorneys. Unlike litigation, however, the parties can determine the structure of the arbitration, where the arbitration will take place and when they will meet. They also get to have a say in who the arbitrator is. Before the divorce arbitration hearings begin, the estranged couple will have to agree in advance as to what issues will be discussed and how the proceedings will be recorded.

During the actual procedure, a variety of documents can be submitted as evidence. Witnesses can also testify if need be. Once the arbitration hearing has concluded, a decision could be rendered within as little as 30 days. Going through the arbitration process is often much more appropriate for former couples as they lose fewer work days and resolve the issues much more quickly, allowing them to move on.

if a couple decides to dissolve their marriage through arbitration instead of through litigation, the process can still be difficult if there are kids involved or if there are a number of marital assets that must be divided. In some cases, the couple’s respective family law attorneys can take the lead in negotiating an agreement.

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