Abusers may try to reassert dominance as relationship dissolves

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Domestic Violence on Sunday, October 16, 2016.

For victims of domestic violence, every day is filled with stress, fear and even physical pain that is inflicted by an abusive partner. Such situations are made all the worse if there are children in the household. And if you are trying to leave your partner and get your children into a safer environment, your abusive partner may attempt to manipulate the situation to his or her own benefit.

Abusive partners often have severe control issues. When they realize their partners are serious about leaving, rather than backing off, they will increase the pressure after a separation has occurred. To this end, they may employ tactics that involve using the children to maintain their sense of power.

An abusive parent may attempt to intimidate or undermine the other parent. This could be done by going to court and casting aspersions on the non-abusive parent’s abilities. According to the American Bar Association, because victims of abuse are often traumatized and emotionally fragile, they may present themselves poorly in a courtroom. And this could have a profound impact on child custody decisions.

Standing up to a domestic abuser and fighting for your children’s well-being can be a truly daunting task and you should not have to take it on alone. An experienced family violence attorney can help you with such matters as filing for protective orders and seeking appropriate child custody terms. With the support and guidance of an attorney, you will be better positioned to take on the challenges of ending your abusive relationship and vastly improving you and your children’s lives.

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