Legal separation can help couples contemplating divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Legal Separation on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Nobody would ever claim that marriage is easy. Relationships take work, and staying together through things like unexpected unemployment, moving to different states, raising children and any of the other issues that may arise during a marriage can easily put a strain on a couple’s relationship. The simple truth is that circumstances change, life changes and a relationship may change as well. What was once a happy, loving relationship may instead become a hostile or apathetic union of two individuals who simply happen to be living together.

It is for reasons like this that divorce exists: to help individuals who are in a relationship that no longer has the spark it once did. Of course, divorce is a rather extreme measure, during which a marriage will be completely ended. If you and your ex-spouse later find out that you can work through whatever was causing the rift in the relationship, you will have to go through the entire marriage process again if you wish to regain what you once had.

The good news is that divorce and marriage do not always have to be so final. There are many couples in Missouri that are going through difficult times, and they may be wondering if divorce would be the best option and if ending their marriage would not be better for everyone involved. At the same time, they may believe that perhaps their marriage can last, and divorce seems like a drastic step. These couples can take advantage of legal separation.

Entering into a separation agreement can essentially allow you and your spouse to experience what divorced life would be like, including how asset division and child custody might affect you, without actually being divorced. If you decide that you enjoy the separated life, you can go through with a divorce that will be much easier because issues such as alimony and child custody have already been determined. If you decide that you wish to stay married, you can simply remain married. Visit our page on legal separation to learn more.

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