The benefits of a legal separation

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Legal Separation on Monday, August 3, 2015.

In some states, couples are required to be legally separated for an allotted time period before they can file for divorce. This is not the case in Missouri, however, couples do face a separation requirement after they actually file for divorce; this requirement is a 30-day period in which couples must live apart before divorce proceedings get underway. It is worth noting that just because couples are not required to legally separate before filing for divorce, they may wish to enter into legal separation for other reasons.

One of the benefits of this required 30-day waiting period is that it gives divorcing couples a chance to experience what their divorced life may be like. Living separately is an opportunity to see if divorce truly is the right choice for a couple, or if they can still salvage their marriage with counseling or therapy.

Not every couple’s first course of action is to seek a divorce if the marriage is becoming difficult or unhealthy. Some couples wonder what a divorce might mean for them and more importantly for their children. Fortunately, for these couples, they can enter into a separation agreement that will allow them to experience these issues firsthand while still remaining legally married. A separation agreement outlines many issues of a couples separated life, including child custody and spousal support.

Once you have been separated for a brief period of time, you can reassess the state of your marriage and decide whether or not you truly wish to get a divorce. If you do end up divorcing, the terms of the separation agreement can play a large role in the divorce proceedings, so it is important to take your separation agreement very seriously. If you or someone you know is considering entering into a separation agreement, visit our webpage to learn more about separation agreements in our state, as well as find out how we can help you with the legal complexities of entering into a separation agreement.

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