How do courts treat child support for military divorce?

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Military Divorce on Friday, August 21, 2015.

The amount of special rules or provisions that exist for military divorce are incredibly innumerable, and this is why it is highly recommended that individuals going through a military divorce consult with an attorney. Legal assistance can help you understand the multifaceted issues at play in a military divorce, which can be crucial to receiving a divorce agreement that is fair to you and your circumstances as a military service member.

Alimony, sometimes called spousal maintenance, and child support are concerns for any divorce, but like many things, they can be more serious in a military divorce. This is because when your life is as complicated and unpredictable as military service, it can be difficult for the courts to determine how much money is fair to allow everyone to maintain their expected standard of living. Legal representation can help you make a case for your financial situation, ensuring that you do not pay too much in child support or alimony.

Although courts may have a slightly more difficult time establishing child and spousal support for military couples, they do not have a particularly difficult time enforcing it. Like other divorces, support orders from a military divorce are taken very seriously, and failing to abide by them can have serious consequences. You can be assured that you will be required to pay all the support money that you owe if you are caught willfully refusing to pay.

There are a few different ways that courts can enforce child support, including through court order, garnishment or allotment. If you live in Missouri and you have any questions about financial support in a military divorce, including how it is enforced or whether it is fair, it is in your best interests to meet with an attorney.

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