We can help you with a complex military divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Military Divorce on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.

If you or your loved one is currently serving in the military, it may have already occurred to you just how much of a strain military life can put on a relationship. Not every relationship is meant to last, and marriages in which one member serves in the armed forces are often subject to even more tribulation than other marriages. These tribulations can include: having a spouse deployed overseas for service, constantly having to uproot the family to go where the military stations you and other such issues.

If you feel as though you can no longer take it, then you might be considering a divorce to escape the lifestyle that is causing you so much stress. Unfortunately, you will quickly find out that much like military life, military divorce is not as simple as you would hope. Not only are there unique policies that military divorce cases must adhere to, there are other military-specific issues that military couples must address.

In a military divorce, you will still go through many of the same things as civilian divorce cases, such as asset division and child support orders, but you will need to pay special attention to military issues like the 10/10 rule and survivor benefit plans. You will also need to consider which state you file in. For example: you may be stationed in Texas, but if you maintain a residence for your family in Missouri, you may be able to file in either state. For more information on what military-specific issues you might face and how we can help you face them, visit our webpage.

It’s important not to let the added complexities of a military divorce frighten you away from the option. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you have a legal alternative that will help you leave behind a lifestyle that you are not enjoying and perhaps find new love. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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