New camera could revolutionize domestic abuse cases

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Domestic Violence on Friday, August 22, 2014.

Domestic violence is a terrible issue that plagues our society. Being abused by someone who is supposed to love you at a place where you are supposed to be safe, your home, can affect every aspect of your life, causing anxiety or depression in addition to physical harm. Victims of domestic violence sometimes do not bring the abuse they’ve suffered forward out of fear that their abusers will make things even worse. Some abusers are masters of disguising the abuse, making it even harder for victims to come forward.

While law enforcement agencies are constantly trying to battle domestic violence, a few police departments across the country are turning to new technological devices to try to ensure that fewer domestic violence cases go unnoticed. The devices, recently purchased by police in Indianapolis, are LED cameras that can spot signs of physical abuse that the naked eye cannot detect, such as marks that are below the surface of a victim’s skin. These cameras could possibly allow police to detect domestic violence cases much more quickly, as they could eliminate the need to wait for visible bruises to form.

Such cameras not only have the potential to help police detect domestic violence more quickly, they could also potentially allow victims to build stronger cases in court, thus helping to ensure victims get the protection they need. If these cameras prove to be successful in detecting domestic violence instances, it might not be long before they are commonplace across the country, including here in Missouri.

While the cameras are not yet widely used, that doesn’t mean that domestic violence victims must suffer. Strong legal counsel may be able to help victims get the legal protection they require to get free from the abuse.

Source: USA Today, “Bruise-detecting camera aims to stop domestic violence,” Steph Solis, Aug. 12, 2014

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