Statistics show officers more likely to divorce

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Military Divorce on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.

Many servicemen and servicewomen know the marital strain that comes from being in the armed forces; being deployed and separated from your spouse can be extremely difficult, and some under the pressure. But time spent apart is only part of the picture when it comes to military divorce. A recent analysis collected divorce data from 2013 fiscal in an effort to show which jobs had the highest divorce rates, and perhaps discover why.

According to the data, a larger percent of officers divorced than enlisted members, and of those officers, the lower ranks were most likely to divorce. However, experts believe there are more factors contributing to these statistics than just rank or position. A clinical psychologist who used to be a captain in the Air Force stated a belief that some marry to increase their benefits and living conditions, noting that younger married couples tend to divorce more often.

These statistics are likely similar in Missouri, but statistics don’t always paint a complete picture. Every marriage is different, facing its own, unique problems even in similar circumstances. There are some marriages that can’t seem to cope with the strain of military life, no matter how much the couple works at it. For those marriages, divorce will allow the individuals involved to start anew, and perhaps find love again.

Unfortunately, military divorce can be much more complicated than civilian divorces. There are measures put in place that affect how much non-military spouses are entitled to in a divorce agreement, such as the 10/10 rule. Missouri residents seeking divorce from a marriage where one or both members serves in the military are encouraged not to take their divorce proceedings lightly, and can benefit from legal counsel to help them with the proceedings.

Source: Air Force Times, “Divorce rates: Another view of the data,” Oriana Pawlyk, Jun 3, 2014

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