Domestic violence is widespread

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Domestic violence appears to also have affected individuals from all ages as victims in one Missouri shelter were anywhere from 14 to 70-years in age.  While women go to this shelter to escape an abusive situation, part of the funding for this shelter comes from a fashion show that is put on.  The event helped raise $43,000 for the shelter.

According to one source, Missouri police officers were forced to respond to 41,494 reports of domestic violence during the past year.   A federal government survey reported that 33 percent of women and 28 percent of men have experienced some sort of domestic violence.

There are a number of suggestions provided for anyone observing or even facing an abusive situation:

  • Contact 911 if you know of a domestic violence occurrence.
  • Provide police motor vehicle information if the abuse is occurring in a car.
  • Attempt to speak to a suspected victim in private if you do have the opportunity.
  • Try to make the victim aware of resources available in the event that domestic violence does occur.

Victims of domestic violence should not attempt to go it alone. There are attorneys who handle domestic violence matters that have an understanding of the resources available for these victims. Specifically, there are attorneys in Missouri who understand the laws put in place to combat domestic violence.

The problem of domestic violence is complex. First the victim of actual abuse will require protection. Also, domestic abuse can involve circumstances where a child has been neglected. Finally, there are protective orders made available for victims of domestic abuse that can bring along a level of protection for victims that is badly needed.

Source: Southeast Missourian, “Domestic Violence,” Nov. 3, 2013

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