Husband claims domestic incident a ‘big misunderstanding’

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Domestic Violence on Thursday, April 4, 2013.

A county attorney who was recently arrested after an alleged domestic violence incident claims the entire situation was a big misunderstanding. And while he claims the incident is something he and his wife are going to work through, in the meantime a special prosecutor is going to be deciding just how the case will be handled.

Not much is known about the alleged domestic incident except that the county attorney was brought to jail on a misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury family violence. It was the attorney who said the issue was related to a misunderstanding involving his wife.

In this case, while it did happen in another state, the fact that the husband is accused of domestic violence brings up the topic of abuse allegations in Missouri.

In Missouri there are strict laws regarding domestic violence. These laws are intended to protect those who are the victims of domestic violence, and in cases where it is warranted, lead to restraining orders being put in place to hopefully prevent future domestic situations. There can also be financial support awarded to those abused.

Domestic situations can wind up in the courtroom, where victims have to face their abusers. Of course this can be a difficult situation, but is one where an attorney can be present to provide needed support.

There are also those situations where the tables are turned and those who are falsely accused have to face those making up lies intended to damage their reputation. In these cases, an attorney can be present to provide not only needed support, but to defend those falsely accused.

Source: Abilene Reporter-News, “Abilene lawyer to handle Tom Green County attorney’s domestic violence charge,” Jennifer Rios, Scripps Texas Newspaper, March 29, 2013

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