Should sperm donor be responsible for child support?

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A 46-year-old man, who answered an online ad by a couple searching for a sperm donor, has found himself in a rather unusual spot as the state’s authorities are now asking him to pay child support and for any state assistance the mother of the child already received. However, the man claims he was nothing more than a sperm donor and that the three had a written agreement stating he was not financially responsible for the child in any kind of way.

Looking at what happened, it was back in 2009 when the man answered an online advertisement. A lesbian couple was searching for a sperm donor. The three met and the man signed an agreement that he would have no responsibilities, financial or otherwise.

The three did not work with a doctor. Rather, the man dropped off the sperm and the couple handled the insemination on their own.

Since then, the couple has split up. Late last year, the biological mother of the 3-year-old girl started to receive public assistance. Because of this, state authorities are asking for the biological father to reimburse the state for any assistance the mother was using and to pay child support in the future.

If this were to happen, it goes against the agreement the three had signed. However, since no doctor was involved in the artificial insemination or written agreement, the state claims the signed agreement is invalid.

In this case, the main issue is that a doctor was not used. If a doctor has been used, the donor would most likely not have to deal with any of these issues. It would be clearly understood that he is not financially responsible in any way.

But what do you think? Should this man be held financially responsible? If he is paying child support, should he also have visitation and parental rights? But, what if this man does not want any involvement in the child’s life?

Source: USA Today, “Kansas wants sperm donor to pay child support,” John Hanna, Jan. 2, 2013

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