Lisa Marie Presley legally separates from husband

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The lyrics of the song “Suspicious Minds” begin with the lines, “Caught in a trap, I can’t walk out, because I love you too much baby.” This refrain was made famous by Elvis Presley and it reflects the feelings of a man whose relationship is suffering, but he is not ready to give up on it yet. And it appears that his daughter, Lisa Marie, may now be in a similar situation.

According to court documents, Ms. Presley recently amended a divorce petition to a legal separation against her husband Michael Lockwood. Ms. Presley cited irreconcilable differences as being the cause for the split. In addition to being married, the couple had collaborated professionally.

The pair has been married for ten years and has twin seven-year-old daughters. According to a representative for Ms. Presley, the 48-year-old singer wants custody of the children but no support money. The matter could also be made less complicated owing to the fact that the couple has a postnuptial agreement.

Not all troubled marriages are lost causes. In fact, sometimes taking time apart can help a couple get the clarification they need to work things out. But by petitioning for a legal separation, a couple can create terms that delegate rights and responsibilities regarding such issues as child support, child custody and property division. Moreover, if it turns out a couple’s differences are permanently irreconcilable, the terms of the separation could possibly be used in a divorce as well.

But the specifics of a legal separation are contingent upon the laws of the states in which you file, so you could likely benefit from the guidance of an experienced attorney. If you are considering a legal separation, a family law attorney could help by explaining the requirements as well as representing your interests in negotiating fair terms.

Source:, “Lisa Marie Presley Changes Divorce Filing to Legal Separation,” Bruna Nessif, June 30, 2016

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