In spite of best efforts, some military marriages don’t work out

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Military Divorce on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

By their nature, the men and women who offer themselves in service to our country tend to be brave and eager to face challenges. But some of the biggest challenges are not those encountered while engaged in service, but rather back home after a deployment.

There are many circumstances that might create problems for married military couples, starting with the marriage itself. Service members tend to get married very young. They do this because they are seeking stability in the face of uncertain circumstances.

The urge to cultivate a home life to create a sense of security is perfectly normal and healthy. In fact, the military encourages marriage among its personnel and even has policies that help married couples.

But in spite of the good reasons that a military couple may have for getting married, the fact is that sometimes things don’t work out. For example, it’s possible that a couple may rush into a marriage because one or both parties are facing deployment, only to find they were not prepared for the shared responsibilities. Or a couple may not have known each other well enough prior to marrying and later realized that they were not compatible.

Regardless of what may have been the root cause of marital strife, it is sometimes in a military couple’s best interests to go their separate ways. And when this is the case, there are unique issues that need to be worked out. Such issues include choosing the state in which to get the divorce and how military benefits may be divided. Additionally, if the couple has children, then there is the matter of custody and support to resolve. Therefore, if you are contemplating a military divorce, you may wish to seek the aid of an experienced attorney who can act on your behalf.

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