Helping grandparents with visitation rights

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Family Law on Friday, September 11, 2015.

When a couple decides to divorce, there are many legal issues that may arise, and many parties who may be less than satisfied with the results of the divorce. Oftentimes custodial parents feel that they are not paid enough in child support, or noncustodial parents feel that they do not get to see their children enough. While each of these may be valid concerns, there is a significant focus on the outcome of a divorce agreement as it pertains to children and parents, but very little attention is paid to grandparents.

For many families, grandparents are an integral part of life, and many grandparents have extremely healthy, beneficial relationships with their grandchildren. Unfortunately, some custody arrangements make it difficult or impossible for grandparents to continue spending time with their beloved grandchildren. For example, a child may have a wonderful relationship with his or her paternal grandparents, but if a mother is granted sole custody of a child, she may keep the grandparents from seeing the child in an effort to reduce contact with the child’s father.

This may seem harsh and tragic, and in many cases it is, but generally custodial parents are well within their rights to determine whom the child does and does not spend time with. Fortunately for grandparents in Missouri, there are legal options available to argue for visitation rights with your grandchildren.

The law is quite clear when it comes to contact between children and grandparents, but there are circumstances in which grandparents can be awarded visitation rights with their grandchildren. If you believe that your relationship with your grandchild is important to the child’s upbringing and in the best interests of the child, visit our Web page to learn how we can help you make a case for your visitation rights.

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