Military divorce rate seems to be falling for women

On behalf of Stange Law Firm, PC posted in Military Divorce on Monday, October 27, 2014.

The military can make married life hard for all members of a family, especially if the service member is deployed. Divorce can seem like a constant threat to couples who have to endure the hardships of military life. In fact, the divorce rate amongst female military members reached an all-time high a few years ago. However, according to statistics, the threat may be lessening, as the divorce rate has been in decline since 2011.

The divorce rate for servicewomen peaked in 2011 at 8 percent, but had dropped down to nearly 7 percent by 2013. There are theories about what is bringing this lowered rate about, with some believing that it has to do with fewer deployments. According to research, there is a higher risk for divorce when the female in a marriage is deployed as opposed to if the male is deployed. Therefore if overall deployments have decreased there may in turn be a decrease in divorces that might have happened if the female had been deployed and ultimately was not.

It is worth noting that the divorce rate for servicemen has remained just under 3 percent since 2011, meaning that the divorce rate for women in the military is still more than double that of their male counterparts. Some believe that this has to do with pressure from society, since women are expected to handle familial responsibilities. Regardless of the reason, it seems that fewer military women will be divorcing if this trend continues.

Of course 7 percent is still a fairly high number, which is why it is important for military members to remember that divorce is an option. Military life can put incredible strain on a marriage. You may live in Missouri while your spouse is deployed in a different state, different country or even a different continent. If you find that a military marriage is not bringing you happiness, do not hesitate to seek divorce as an option.

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